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This page contains links to documents which are mainly intended for people who are planning or organising orienteering events.

Resources for planners

Planning an event is a hugely rewarding experience but can be a little overwhelming if you have not done it before. British Orienteering have produced a number of documents that provide some guidance. These should prove useful even for the seasoned planner and it is recommended to use them in order to ensure your event is success.

Guide to planning (.pdf, Size: 1.52 MB)

Advice on planning a White course (.pdf, Size: 592.08 KB) | Coaching White courses (.pdf, Size: 32.49 KB)

Advice on planning a Yellow course (.pdf, Size: 782.04 KB) | Coaching Yellow courses (.pdf, Size: 36.37 KB)

Advice on planning a Orange course (.pdf, Size: 605.53 KB) | Coaching Orange (& Red) courses (.pdf, Size: 36.64 KB)

Advice on planning a Light Green course (.pdf, Size: 814.49 KB) | Coaching Light Green courses (.pdf, Size: 34.03 KB)

Advice on planning Green to Black courses (.pdf, Size: 538.5 KB) | Coaching Green to Black courses (.pdf, Size: 41.51 KB)

Advice on planning Sprint courses (.pdf, Size: 2.87 MB)

Guide to IOF course descriptions (.pdf, Size: 4.38 MB)

Resources for organisers

Organising an event also presents a number of exciting challenges - the following documents should provide some help and guidance.

Guide to Organising events with SI (.pdf, Size: 78.18 KB)

Best practice for road signs (.pdf, Size: 219.57 KB)

Start procedure for start officials (.pdf, Size: 28.99 KB)

Event's map stock (.pdf, Size: 65.14 KB)

Helpers List (.pdf, Size: 59.2 KB)

Risk Assessment - Forest (.pdf, Size: 306.87 KB)

Risk Assessment - Non-Forest (.pdf, Size: 306.59 KB)

Risk Assessment forms are also available as Word documents.

Night Events

Night Event Registration (.pdf, Size: 42.78 KB)